To kick-off the public outreach for the project, a series of stakeholder interviews were conducted. Over 80 individuals representing the following interest groups were invited to participate: (click each group for the invitation letter and list)

Adjacent Municipalities

Allegheny County

City of Pittsburgh

Other Stakeholder Groups

Stakeholders had the opportunity to attend meetings from December 9, 2013 to December 19, 2013 in several locations around the project area, such as the Swissvale Fire Department, the Churchill Borough Office and the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission. A questionnaire was provided in advance of the interviews to give stakeholders time to consider their responses and coordinate with those they represent for additional feedback. On the day of the meeting, each group had an opportunity to discuss their concerns and likes regarding the I-376 corridor and surrounding neighborhood roadways. More details will be provided as this phase of the project develops. Information gathered from these meetings will be used to help the project team determine potential improvement areas.

The following is a listing of the stakeholders who responded to PennDOT’s invitation and attended a stakeholder interview:

Common themes noted during the stakeholder interviews and from the online survey are summarized below.
Common Themes