We Asked and You Responded!
Parkway East Corridor Transportation Network Project
Online Survey Feedback

To reach as many users of the Parkway East and/or the connecting roadway network, the Project Team utilized MetroQuest to poll the public regarding their use of I-376 and the surrounding transportation network. The survey went live on January 27, 2014. Nearly 2,200 people responded and completed the online survey. In doing so, respondents shared over 17,000 interests and concerns. Using an interactive mapping tool on the survey, respondents were able to identify their likes and dislikes, and the type of improvements they felt were needed on I-376, as well as, other alternate routes they may travel.

The survey included an introduction screen (1) and four other screens in which users could provide feedback. Below is a description of each of the screens with links that summarize the input the project team received.

Screen 2 - Your Trip
To learn more about how drivers use the Parkway East, this part of the survey asked a series of multiple choice questions related to the frequency of use, the mode of travel, travel experience during peak and non-peak travel times, the type of improvements needed and reasons drivers may avoid the Parkway.

Screen 3 - Traveling I-376, and Screen 4 - Traveling Alternate Routes
To supplement the numerous technical studies conducted in the project area, the project team felt it was equally important to assess the public’s experience traveling and living in the area. Screen’s 3 and 4 asked respondents to identify their travel routes, likes/dislikes and potential improvement areas along their I-376 travel route and their alternate travel route. To summarize these findings, the map viewer below was developed to include the following maps:

  • I-376 Primary Routes Identified
  • Alternate Routes Identified
  • Likes/Dislikes and Improvements (for I376 and Alternate Routes)
  • I-376 Improvements Heat Map
  • Alternate Route Improvements Heat Map

(The web viewer may perform differently depending on your browser of choice.)

In addition, the below links provide summaries of the common comment themes provided on the mapping screens.

Traveling I-376 Common Themes

Traveling Alternate Routes Common Themes

Screen 4 - Stay Involved
Screen 4 was used to capture demographic information about the survey respondents related to their age and the zip code they live in, as show below. This screen also gave users the opportunity to email the project team and to share the survey with others they know.

Zip Codes
Over 150 different zip codes were reported by survey respondents, those listed below were the most frequently reported and together represent over 75% of respondents. In summary, the top three zip codes for survey respondents were 15218 Regent Square, 15146 Monroeville, and 15221 Wilkinsburg/Forest Hills.