Purpose and Needs
Purpose and need are the foundation of any transportation project. They help to show the public and decision makers that the expenditure of funds is necessary and worthwhile. The needs identify what the project is trying to accomplish. The purpose and need of a project drives the process for alternatives consideration, influences the environmental analysis, and ultimately the alternative selection.

The Parkway East Corridor Transportation Network Needs Analysis was completed in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Needs Study Handbook for the Transportation Project Development Process (Publication Number 319) dated December 2010. The need of a project describes a problem in the study area and to the extent possible, the needs analysis explains the underlying causes of those problems. The development of the needs rely on technical information and analysis and input from stakeholders.

The needs of the Parkway East Corridor Transportation Network were identified as follows:
The Parkway East is Congested.

Alternate Routes are Congested.

Crash Rates are Above Average.

The Parkway East does not meet existing design standards.

Parkway East Travel Times are Unreliable.

Multimodal Transportation Options are limited.

The purpose of the project is defined as the following: To improve traffic flow, improve safety, and improve multimodal travel options in the Parkway East Corridor Transportation Network, located in Allegheny County Pennsylvania, which consists of the Parkway East (I-376) from the Pennsylvania Turnpike/US 22 interchange, and also includes parallel and intersecting arterial roadways.