The Parkway East Transportation Network Stakeholder Committee is a valuable partner which will provide input throughout the evaluation of the corridor and during the development of potential improvements to the Parkway and surrounding roadways.

The Committee is intentionally comprised of representatives from a diverse group of organizations, and agencies to ensure the following interests are considered:
•  Local access
•  Alternate transportation modes
•  Public facilities management
•  Regional economic development and planning
•  Transportation planning and management
•  Congestion management

View a list of individuals representing the interest groups invited to participate as a Committee member.

Below is a list and summary of meetings held to date.

Stakeholder Meeting #1
Date:March 19, 2015
Location:Churchill Borough Yagle Community Center
Purpose:The purpose of the meeting was to provide a process update, present the draft needs analysis,
allow the stakeholders to weigh in on the measures of effectiveness, present the improvement concepts
developed to date, allow the group to review the concepts and to suggest different improvement
concepts, and explain the project’s next steps.

Topics of discussion included:
•  Progess update
•  Technical data and public input review
•  Identification of the Project Purpose and Need and Measures of Effectiveness
•  Display and Discussion of Improvement Concepts

Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation.

Click here to view the Preliminary Improvement Concepts presented to the Stakeholder Committee.

Next Steps
With this feedback gleaned from the stakeholders, and the measures of effectiveness, the project team will screen each improvement concept to refine the list and identify concepts to be studied further.

There will be an additional stakeholder committee meeting and another public meeting to review the findings of the detailed analysis.